Chief Agriculture Officer, Kargil

Department of Agriculture

Administrative Setup

The district has been divided into two Sub-Divisions viz. Kargil and Zanskar. Kargil Sub Division has seven Agriculture Zones and Zanskar Sub Division has one zone. Each Agriculture Zone is divided into circles. Each Sub Division is headed by one Sub Divisional Agriculture Officer who is technically supported by 2 SMS and each zone is manned by one Zonal Agriculture Officer each circles manned by one Junior Agriculture Assistant. At District level the extension agency is headed by District Agriculture Officer Extension who functions under over all control of Chief Agriculture Officer. The Extension agency is involved in disseminating latest technical know how from Lab. to land and other field extension activities.

There are 12 Zonal Stores/ Sale Centres including one District Store at Baroo. One storekeeper who functions under the supervisor of Zonal Agriculture Officer mans each store. Various inputs like seed / pesticides / implements are provided to farmers through Zonal Stores under supervisor of Agriculture Assistant inputs at Sub Division level.

Agriculture Farms

The department has fourteen S.M. Farms/ Vegetable Farms. Each Farm is  manned by one farm supervisor who functions under supervision of Zonal Agriculture Officer. S. Farm Khurbathang I manned by Officer Incharge Khurbathang ans Zanskar farms dare under Sub Division Agriculture Officer, Zabskar who functions under over all control of chief Agriculture Officer. At the District level input agency and farm activities are headed by District Agriculture Officer inputs who functions under the over all control of Chief Agriculture Officer. Chief Agriculture Officer is also supported by the experts i.e. Subject Matter Specialist who provide technical assistance from time to time.

Soil Testing Laboratory

The Soil Testing Laboratory is also functioning in the District where soil samples are analyzed for NPK status and results are communicated to the farmers. The laboratory headed by one specialist in soils i.e. Assistant Soil Chemist who is supported by one Research Assistant and Laboratory attendants.

Zonal Stores / Sale Centres of Kargil District

S.No. Name of Zone Name of Seed Centre
1. Panikhar / Taisuru Zonal Store Panikhar
2. Sankoo Zonal Store Sankoo
Sale Centre Trespone
3. Kargil - A Zonal Store Baroo, Kargil
District Store Baroo
District Store Trespone
4. Kargil - B Sale Centre Akchamal
Sale Centre Yourbaltak
Sale Centre Batalik
5. Drass Zonal Store Drass
Sale Centre Kharboo
6. Shargole Sale Centre Bodhkharboo
Zonal Store Shergole
7. Chiktan Zonal Store Chiktan
8. Zanskar Sub Divisonal / Zonal Store Zanskar

Aims and Objectives

The main objective of the department of agriculture is to increase both productivity and production of various crops grown in the District. To accomplish this task it is imperative to transfer the latest technology from Lab to farmers field for adoption at their level. Land being a limiting factor in Kargil District the department has to lay thrust on intensive cultivation which is to be carried by popularizingcultivation of improved high yielding variety seeds both open pollinated and hybrids/use of balanced doze of fertilizers. Better pest management, use of improved Agriculture Machinery/ tools and implements and other improved Agriculture practices.

The various developmental activities under taken in the District are as under:

Area Coverage

The major crops grown in the district are barley / grim, fodder, wheat, pulses. Efforts are being to cover entire area under high yielding varieties of different crops. For this purpose HYV of different seed are provided to farmers on subsidized costs. HYV seeds are provided to farmers both for expansion and replacements of genetically deteriorated seeds. About 10-15 % of area is covered every year for replacement and rest of the area is covered under natural spread.

Vegetable Development Programme

The District has acute shortage of vegetables both in summer as well as in winter. Consumption of vegetables (especially green vegetables) by local population is very low which results in malnutrition and poor health. Against a requirement of 66000 qtls. of vegetables, the estimated production is 25000 qtls. to bridge this gap the department is laying stress on cultivation of high yielding varieties / hybrid vegetables. For this purpose the department is providing seeds on subsidized cost for the last few years different hybrid vegetables are being successfully grown in the district which has vegetable production in the district. During current year vegetables grown at Kargil were available in the market in abundance and the local vegetables, were available in the market even in the month of December.

The department also provides vegetable seedlings to farmers on subsidized cost. Since the population of the district is scattered and the terrain of district is difficult as such to cater to the needs of farmers of flung areas 67 units of vegetables, nurseries were laid one each in every Panchayat.

Strengthening of Irrigation Facilities

To make optimum use of available water and to bring more areas under irrigation water lifting devices i.e. pumps are provided to farmers on subsidized cost.

Introduction of Farm Power Machinery

To reduce pressure on farm labour which is carried mostly by women at Kargil various farm power machinery like threshers with engines are provided to farmers on 50% subsidy. Besides improved Agriculture tools and implements are arranged from Agriculture workshop Jammu and provided to farmers on 50% subsidized cost.

Scientific Demonstration

To reduce and to demonstrate about the latest technical know how demonstrations are laid on the farmers fields for which various inputs are provided to farmers on 75% subsidy. Besides to popularize cultivation of HYV seeds and hybrid vegetables farmers are provided with minikits in the farm of seeds.

Training Programme

To educate farmers about latest technology farmers training camps are held every year where departmental experts and scientists from SKUAST impart training to farmers.

Plant Protection

To keep insect population and incidence of disease under control both prophylactic and curative plant protection measures are taken. For this purpose various pesticides/ fungicides/ PP machinery are provided to farmers on subsidized cost. However in discriminate use of pesticides is avoided and plant protection measures are taken to keep damage of crops below economic injury level.

Soil Testing

In order to use balanced doze of chemical fertilizers and to make optimum use of fertilizers it is essential to ascertain the status of soil in respect of different nutriments. For this purpose a soil testing laboratory is functioning in the district where soil samples are analyzed for status of NPK and results are communicated to farmers for specific use of chemical fertilizers.

Establishment of Agriculture Workshop

More production and productivity also demand right type of tools and implements suitable under specific conditions. In order to manufacture various tools and implements Agriculture workshop is being established at Khurbathang Kargil. For this purpose the machinery and equipment required is being procured from Agro Industries developmental cooperation and efforts are being made to establish the workshop as early as possible.

Green Houses

the department has six numbers of Solar Glass Green Houses where vegetables are grown under controlled conditions which cannot otherwise be grown in open fields. The vegetables grown are cucumbers, brinjal, chilies, bottle gourd, beside off season vegetables viz. Mangole, Khanyari Haag, Radish, Turnip, Methi, Spinach and other leafy vegetables are grown as demonstration to farmers during the winter months.

Tea Cultivation

Tea seed procured from LEHO Leh was introduced in the district during 2001. the tea has been grown in the district successfully for the last two years. The tea seedlings were raised departmentally and provided to farmers. The sample has been sent to R.R.L Jammu for analysis and its report is awaited.

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