Chief Animal Husbandry Officer, Kargil

Department of Animal Husbandry


Animal Husbandry Department is the most leading sector for with potential for changing the living standard of poor tribal people of the district. The economy of the farmers can be improved by increasing the Milk, Eggs and Poultry meat. This can be achieved by adopting the scientific measures of improved breeding, feeding and disease control. The growing season is very short and climate is very hostile, hence economy of the farmers mainly depend upon the dairying. The common species of livestock of the district are Yak, Cattle, Horses, Poultry, Sheep and Goat.

1.0  Animal Husbandry is a very important and core activity in the economic profile of the district as more  then 90% of the population is related to Animal Husbandry activities in the district. The main activities of the department are :-

        i)  Up gradation of cattle with jersey breed through Artificial Insemination with frozen semen technology as well as with natural service.
Disease control both curative and prophylactic.
Poultry development.
Conservation and propagation of native breeds of Yak and Zanskari Horse/ Ponies.
 Value addition and market linkages to Animal produce especially surplus milk of farmers.
Fodder Development

     The policy and focus of the department is to generate additional income and employment in the district through Animal husbandry activities.

2.1 Livestock population ( Others than sheep/goads)



Kind of animals

Cross Bred Jersey








Cattle (cows/Bulls/Calves etc)









Yak/Demo& Hybirds like  Dzo/Zomo









Equines(horse/Ponies/Mules/Donkey etc)









G.  Total








Source : 18th Livestock Census 2008

2.2 Estimated Milk Production.

      The estimate total milk production in the district is 0.233 lac MT/Year (survey 2008-2009). About 07 lacs litre milk/annum surplus milk of farmers is marketed in Kargil town.

2.3 Livestock Density and Disease Profile

      The livestock density is about 5.15/sq km. Foot and Mouth disease (viral) outbreak is common in spite of vaccination. Some animals have also been tested positive for diseases such as Brucellosis, PPR and Tuberculosis in the district.

3.0 Physical Norms

      There is one Animal Husbandry Institution in the district for about 1000 head of cattle.

4.0    Organizational Structure

i) Village level A.H. Institution manned by stock Assistant/Livestock Assistant & Attendant.
ii) Block level A.H. Institution manned by Block Veterinary Officer/Veterinary Assistant Surgeon assisted by veterinary Assistant/Block Inspector/Livestock Assistant/Stock Assistant & Attendants.
iii) Sub Divisional level A.H. Institution manned by Livestock Development Officer/Block veterinary Assistant/Senior Poultry Supervisor/LSA/SA & Attendants
iv) District level Chief Animal Husbandry Officer assisted by Disease investigation Officer/Poultry Development Officer/other technical and ministerial staff.

5.0    Animal; Husbandry Institutions

i) Cattle Breeding farm, Kurbathang, Kargil 1 No (Cross Bred Jersey)
ii) Yak Breeding Farm, Bodhkharbu 1 No
iii) Zanskari Equine Breeding farm, Padum, Zanskar 1Nos
iv) Poultry Breeding farm Kurbathang 1Nos
v) VAS Center 3 Nos
vi) Sub Unit 1Nos
vii) Poultry Unit 5Nos
viii) LDC/ICD  59Nos
ix)  Aux.Centres 09 Nos

6.0    Other Information:-

  Total area of District 14036 sq km. 70 % of the area of the district is barren/inhospitable rugged mountain
  No of Villages 129
  Human Population Approx.1,20,000 (census 1981)

 7.0    New Projects/Scheme proposed/under consideration:-

  Hatchery Projects for Rs 85.00 lacs under centrally Sponsored Scheme under implementation at Kargil.
  Conservation of Yak under centrally Sponsored Scheme for Rs,60.00lacs proposed.
  Milk Processing plant for  Rs 152.50 lacs proposed.

8.0    For further Information contact :-

  Chief Animal Husbandry Officer, Kargil  
  01985-232223 (Telefax)  
  01985-232283 (Resid.)  
  9419177687 (Mobile)  

Source : Chief Animal Husbandry Officer, Kargil

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