The Jammu and Kashnmir Sate has been divided into three Division and Ladakh region is further divided into two Districts of Leh and Kargil. The Education system of kargil District has undergone tremendous changes since the partition of the District and formulation of LAHDC Kargil.  Different Plans and policies has been framed to make the Educational system effective in respect of enrolment, opening and up gradation of schools, infrastructures/training of the teachers/quality Education etc.

 Main objective:-

  1. Universalizing education of children upto secondary level with emphasis on complete access, completion learning by all children with a certain quality.
  2. Providing the education to all children that is contextual, relevant, meaningful, need based that leads to the realization of their full potential in a society that respects their rights and dignities.
  3. Bringing community to the school with a sense of ownership as a support to both academic and universalization of elementary and secondary level.


Education Department kargil has been the biggest department in the District with the largest human resource and net work of schools in the nook and Cerner of the District. Presently the organization is managed by (1) CEO at District Level (1) Dy. CEO (7) ZEO at zonal level (14) Principals,  47 Headmasters at institutional level and 1 Principal at DIET kargil.

Main objectives:-

  1. To universalize Education upto Sec.level.
  2. To enroll all children in schools.
  3. To provide basic infrastructure for education of children in schools.
  4. To implement the scheme of SSA/RMSA.
  5. To train the teachers, Resource persons and Head of institutions.
  6. To train and aware the SMC/SMDC Members.
  7. To mobilize the community for participation in schooling programmes.
  8. To provide needful support to CWSN under IED programms.
  9. To develop Gender Education under NPEGEL and KGBV.
  10. To ensure all-round development of children through CCE Scheme.

Vision and commitment.

Education department is committed to universalize the Education of children upto Higher Secondary Level falling implementing the scheme of SSA and RMSA. Basic infrastructures in schools shall be developed and strengthened for all children . Adequate human resources shall be provided to school by way of rationalization, recruitment or academic arrangement whichever applicable, so that the children are enrolled in Govt. schools and the notion of people about mismanagement and mal-functioning of Govt. schools could be done away with and their inclination towards the private schools for good education of the children may be declined.

A paradigm shift of the conventional un-inspiring methods of teaching, and un-suitable school environment for the children which may cause non enrolment, absentia and pre-mature withdrawal of children from schools to joyful learning of children in child friendly environment by using methods that engage children experience learning as  an interesting Endeavour in and outside the schools. Adequate measures are being taken for inclusive education of out of school and children with special needs including differently abled, genders/ST, educationally backward and other marginalized groups under various centre,/state Schemes paving way for  reaching the unreached and overall management and monitoring system of govt. schools will be improved.


Vision statement:-

“To develop the Educational system in  rural as well as Urban areas of the District, by strengthening  the educational infrastructure at Zone  Level.”



Education Department kargil has been the biggest department in the District with the largest human resource and net work of schools in the nook and Cerner of the District. Presently the organization is controlled by Chief Education Officer at District Level . The following officers are also working under the administrative control of CEO kargil to overall supervision of the educational system at zone/institutions level :-

  1. Deputy CEO.
  2. Zonal Education Officers
  3. Principal
  4. Headmasters



To prepare the Plans/criteria and implementation of the schemes related to Education.

  1. To make the people aware about of the various schemes of the Department.
  2. To provide better educational facilities to the General mass .


Main activities/function

  1. To implement various educational scheme of SSA, RMSA, MDM, NPGEL/IED/KGBV etc.
  2. To implement the other schemes i.e. construction of school building under BADP/District Plan/STF/SSA/RMSA/PMGYS.
  3. To implement the works assigned under various scheme under various local areas development fund i.e. MPLAD/CDF.
  4. To provide incentives /Scholarships under various schemes.


Contact Person

Chief Education Officer

CEO Office Baroo Kargil

01985 – 234079, 232232