How to Reach

Main Statistics of the District
Feature Value
Area 14,036 Sq. Km
Population 140802 (2011 Census)
Languages Purgi, Balti, Dardic, Ladakhi, Zanskari and Sheena, Urdu / Hindi
Ethnic composition Mongoloid /Tibetan, Dardic and assorted Indo-Aryan elements
Altitude 2,676 to 2,740 Mtr
Religions Islam, Buddhism

Kargil includes Zanskar, which is across the Penzila. Zanskaris predominantly Buddhist, with a small minority of Kashmiri, Sunni Muslims from Kishtwar. The rest of Kargil is almost entirely Shia Muslims, except some villages (Wakha, Mulbekh, Shargole, Foker, Bodhkharboo, Heniskote, Darchik) where Buddhist population are present.

Rain-fall 26 cm (Annual Average)
Average temperatures in
different seasons
Drass, currently the District’s main attraction (because of the war sites of Tololing, Mushkoo and Tiger Hill), is the second coldest inhabited place in the world. Winter temperature drops down to minus 45 degree Celsius at night. Including wind-chill it could drop to as low as minus 50 degree Celsius. Night temperatures in winter merely drop to minus 35 degree Celsius.

In both Drass and Zanskar, it is several degrees below zero even during the day from November to March. In the summer, nights are cool, a light woolen sweater is sometimes needed. Sunny summer days can be quite hot. T-shirts are sufficient.

The rest of the District is slightly warmer. Winters are colder than in most of Europe, but it rarely drops below minus 12 degree Celsius. Summer nights warrant a light woolen sweater except perhaps for a few days in July. Even in July, if it rains or gets cloudy, a sweater is required in the afternoon as well.

Annual Snowfall 2 to 5 Feet

How to Access

The only way to reach landlocked Kargil is by roads. You can take a Taxi or Bus.
The main pass between Srinagar and Kargil is like to to be blocked by snow from November to May. However the road between Kargil and Drass is open almost throughout the year.

The road between Leh and Kargil too is open almost throughout the year. There is Domestic Airport at Leh with regular flights from Delhi, Jammu and Srinagar.

The road into Suru Valley is functional around the year till Sangra. After Sangra it is prone to landslides between December and March.

The main pass to Zanskar is blocked from November to mid June. During this period it is possible to walk on the snow (or the frozen river) between Kargil and Zanskar depending on weather conditions.

When the roads are functional government buses ply between Kargil and Padum (Zanskar) on alternate days to most places in Suru Valley (Upto Panikhar) twice a day and to places on the national highway at least once a day. The bus to Zanskar serves Rangdum as well. The road to Sangra Panikhar – Zanskar is closed between November and June. The other roads are functional more or less thoughout the year.

By Air

From Leh airport it is 220 km or from Srinagar airport it is 260 km

By Train

Nearest railway station in Jammu Tawi railway station Jammu, it is 440km from Kargil.

By Road

From Leh  it is 220 km or from Srinagar it is 260 km

Whom to Contact

District Tourist Officer

Tourism Department Kargil.
Phone Nos. :01985 – 232721 Office