A family-operated, Public Museum dedicated to preserving the life and legacy of Munshi Aziz Bhat A Silk Route trader, pioneer, visionary, social entrepreneur, collector, patriot, husband and father.

This museum offers anyone who visits a rare glimpse into the Indian and Central Asian trader culture of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Through its collection of artifacts and mercantile items, the museum exhibits the range of goods and services that were transported on the many maritime and overland trajectories of the Silk Routes. Apart from the commerce, the Silk Route memorabilia at the museum is an enduring peek into the lives of the many merchants, horsemen, herders, pilgrims, artisans, nomads and farmers who traversed these trader routes and evolved a culture that saw its ultimate demise with the growth of mechanised trade and reorganization of boundaries in the post-independence era.

The artifacts range from day to day household items, coins and currencies, jewellery, carpets, hosiery, utensils, clothing items, armory to paintings and manuscripts. The museum will give you a glimpse of the treasure trove from Kargils Silk Route Trade heritage.

museum is located at Gulzar Hussain Munshis residence at 147, Munshi Enclave, Lankore, overlooking Kargil town.  Tiled steps lead up from a winding road to the hilltop Museum, offering breathtaking views of snow-covered mountains and the swift-flowing snow-fed Suru River which winds through the town.

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Gulzar Hussain Munshi
Managing Director
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Ajaz Hussain Munshi
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Muzammil Hussain Munshi
Director Outreach, Research and Design
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Himalayan Museum of Labdak Culture and Heritage of Garkone

Himalayan Museum of Labdak culture and heritage is an initiative of   preservation of Aryan culture and educational society, village Garkon Kargil UT Ladakh  was  inaugurated  by  former  Hon’ble  Minister of  State  for Home   Shri.  Kiran Rijuji  along  with  former  Member of  Parliament  Ladakh 

 Shri . Tupstan Chewang.  It was  the first  Museum  in the  Aryan Valley of Village Garkon  to preserve and promote  the rich  cultural  heritage and traditions  of the  region . It  was  a   heritage  house of Golpa  family with 150 years  old which was  converted  into Museum by entire family members  along with Local Society.  The Museum is having   few  galleries of   kitchen, agricultural  tools , dress and   an auspicious  stone of  Guru Padmasambhava  with  old  thankas. The Origin of the Dards can be traced back to the Gilgit  settled down on the  bank of  river Indus. The  Buddhist Dard- Aryan Villages are  Darchik, Garkon, Dha and Hanu.

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Tsewang Gailtsen Golpa
Managing Director
Mobile no – 9469170489

Tashi Lundup Golpa
Curator –in – Chief

Nawang Sharap
Director outreach, research and Design

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