• Rock carved status of Maitriya Buddha at Mulbekh
  • Magnificent view of Bodhkharboo
  • A view of Chiktan Khar (Castle)
  • Magnificent view of Cave Monastery at Shargole
  • Maitriya Buddha at Mulbekh
  • Bodhkharboo
  • Chiktan Khar
  • Cave Monastery at Shargole

Mulbek Monestry:- The monastery or gonpa perched atop a rocky hill that dominates the valley and in the past it served as an outpost to guard the carvan route between Kashmir and Ladakh.

Cave Monastery of Shargol  There is an impressive Cave monastery    in a cliff at Shargole which is a important tourist attraction.

Fokar-Urgiyan Rzong:- In a side valley of Fokar about 8kms further up stream from Shargol is the cave Hermitage of Urgiyan Rzong, the famous meditation retreat of Guru Padma Sambhava. The hermitage is tucked  away behind an amazing natural mountain fortness. Handprints of this great saint  and some other natural figures can be seen here. Devotees gather here on the 10th day of 5th month of the Tibetan Calendar to mark the birth day of the Guru.


Phokar, (also Fokar) is 4 Km ahead of the Shargole Monastery. A tall hill rises from the Phokar plain. Youwill have to climb it to get to the Phokar Rizong / Urgyang Dzong. Apparently, at the Rizong one can meditate with greater concentration because that spot has some special qualities. The Phokar Rizong is one such place. It consists of a flat, circular plain, surrounded by hills and caves, there is a tiny temple in the middle, eminent Buddhist saints, including the great Padma Sambhava, are said to have meditated in these caves. There are two routes from the plain to the Rizong. The cave route, at around 1 Km, is much shorter. However, in June and July, when the snow melts, it is not possible to use this route and you will have to take the longer (3-4 Km) route instead.

Shargole Monastery
Shargole is another 10 Kms ahead of Mulbekh, or 35 km, before Kargil, it’s small but old Ge-Lugs Pa Buddhist monastery has fellow but interesting frescoes. Inside the Gompa is an icon of an Avalokiteswar. There in the Gompa is also three images of Tara, caved in wood by Tibetan artists. It just out of a brown, granite cliff and appears as if it is suspended in the middle of the mountain. This architectural quirk makes it an object of curiosity among local people, too. The panoramic view from the verandah of the “cantilever monastery” is stunning and helps the worshipper concentrate better. There is a tiny Buddhist nunnery below.



How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest Airport is Leh Airport 180 Km , and via Srinagar Airport it is 245 Km .

By Train

Nearest Railway Railway Station is Jammu Tawi Railway Station in Jammu i.e 470 KM from Kargil.

By Road

From Kargil it is 40 KM. From leh around 180 KM.